Advanced Reddit Bot

Account Creation
  Can create verified and unverified reddit accounts
  Has enabled so you dont have to worry about providing emails
  Can use custom Passwords, usernames or create with a catchall email address
  Can set account as NSFW, enable NSFW feed Settings, Disable Safe Browsing and Unsubscribe from receiving Reddit Emails

  Can upvote posts from post link,twitter link or can browse through “new” or “hot” sections to locate post and upvote it
  Can upvote other posts randomly before and after main upvote to obfuscate the upvote target
  Can upvote latest post on profile link, skipping pinned posts
  Can follow the profile after upvoting
  Can give award to profile after upvoting (if available)
  Can upvote all comments in a profile post link
  Can comment on profile post after upvote

Post Comments
  Can post comments from a list
  Can browse through “hot” or “new” or via a twitter link or direct reddit link to make the comment

Comment and Upvote
  Can make comment and upvote post
  Can comment and Downvote post

Upvote/Downvote Comments
  Can upvote/downvote comments
  Can upvote/downvote all comments

Posting (Karma Farming)
  Can make posts to list of subreddits on a timed delay
  Posts can be from single or multiple accounts
  Can post top comment after post has been made, with another account
  Can Autoupvote new post or comment made
  Can crosspost from a list of post links
 Can crosspost with single or multiple accounts
 Can change account passwords
 Can subscribe accounts to a subreddit
 Can mass report a post or comment

Check Accounts
  Can confirm if accounts are alive or dead (shadowbanned)
  Can login accounts and save cookies so it does not login again when performing other actions
  Can toggle NSFW and NSFW Feed settings when logging in accounts
  Can load accounts to manual mode
  Can load accounts and randomize avatar andclaim award if available
  Can assign new proxies to accounts
Standby mode can immediately upvote any post/comment link it finds in specific file which it scans periodically (suitable for mini SMM)
Warm Accounts
 Can warm up accounts by visiting random posts from reddit homepage
  Can randomly upvote any post according to preset upvote probability
  Can set average time to spend with each post
  Can join reddit website suggested subreddits
  Can comment on random posts and randomize avatar

  Is multithreaded
  can elect to use warmed up accounts or not for actions
  Can drip feed its actions to spread them over stated time.
  Is enabled to solve captchas with
  Is enabled to use lates Anti-fingerprinting profiles
  Is enabled to use http or socks5 proxies
  Can disable images to save on bandwidth

Scraping Users
  Bot can scrape commenters from specified subreddits to use in direct messages

Direct Messages
  Bot can send Direct messages to a list of users

  has an inbuilt scheduler with which you can schedule the bot to do any of its functions at specific intervals or on specific dates and at specific times

Upcoming feature
  Can upvote a post till it reaches a predetermined position on the “hot” section of the subreddit and then stop upvotes
  Can resume upvotes if the post position drops from the predetermined position.


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